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Presenting literature from a biblical worldview

I decided I wanted to teach literature that would not only expand the kids’ academic experience but also touch their hearts. I wanted to do it all: provoke discussion, inspire sacrifice, encourage right thinking, stimulate writing excellence . . . and all with an eye toward thinking outside the box as far as literature was concerned. And I wondered how I’d know if a piece of literature was ‘safe’ unless it was written by a Christian author. Continue reading

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A Fellow Doorkeeper

“A friend accepts us as we are, yet helps us to be what we should be.” A dear friend became a Doorkeeper for me and changed my life forever. Continue reading

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Opening a Door

This is my first attempt at sharing my thoughts in such a public way. I love to talk about teaching and share my resources. I also love to talk about books. Check back in the future for ideas, stories, book … Continue reading

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